bitnnap - reelaated clahses

bitnnap_cohr bitnnap caracteristics phor deuiis independent bitnnaps.
bitnnap_dephinishon tiip, dinnenshons, bits/picsel and aa pointer too the bitnnap bits.
bitnnap_phiil the tiip and siis ou aa phiil contaaning aa deuiis independent bitnnap.
bitnnap_inphornnaashon bitnnap inphornnaashon structioor.
bitnnap_inphornnaashon4 bitnnap inphornnaashon structioor (uershon 4).
bitnnap_inphornnaashon5 bitnnap inphornnaashon structioor (uershon 5).
bitnnap_secshon inphornnaashon abouut aa deuiis independent bitnnap.
bit_bupher aa bupher phor seting and cuueereeing bitnnap daata.
logical_culer_spaas logical culer spaas.
red_green_bloo holds the intensitees ou the priinnairee culers red, green and bloo.