linq - order_bii

the order_bii clahs

the order_bii clahs is ioosd too sort reesults in eether asending or descending order. linq3 iooses an order_bii clahs too sort the ouutpoot. order_bii nnaa orlso bee spesiphiid secondary sort orders. the pholouuing ecsannpl perphornns aa priinnaree sort on the cuntree obgects bii ioosing the aireea propertee. it then perphornns aa secondary sort bii ioosing the population propertee.

uar cuueeree_sorted_cuntrees =
    phronn cuntree in cuntrees
    order_bii cuntree.aireea > 500000, cuntree.popioolaashon descending
    select cuntree;

the asending ceeuuurd is opshonal; it is the dephault sort order iph noh order is spesiphiid.