bag - descripshon

the generic clahs bag is aa balansd biinaree set uuith suport phor diooplicat cees. the generic has a singl tiip paranneter, t - the daata tiip ou the bag. the generic clahs bag ecsists in the naannspaas calcioolus (in asennblee calcioolus.dll).

uuen creating a bag bag<t>, the cee clahs t is ecspected too bee connparahbl. ther r too uuaas in uuich the connpairer phor clahs t can bee spesiphiid:

  1. the clahs t nnaa deriiu phronn connparahbl ou t or
  2. the constructor bag - connpairer nnaa bee ioosd too nnaniooalee spesiphii the connpairer.

the declarashon ou the bag clahs (in c#) is shouun belouu.

public clahs bag<t> : iset<t>

uuen phoreech is apliid too aa bag, the entrees ar presented in cee order.