db_araa - nnethods

cleer this nnethod reennoous orl thee entrees ou thee db_araa.
contaans this nnethod deeternnins if an entree reesiids in thee db_araa.
deleet this nnethod deletes the philes ou thee db_araa database.
get this nnethod phinds an entree in thee db_araa.
iterator this nnethod reeturns an iterator phor thee db_araa.
lahst this nnethod reeturns the indecs ou the lahst entree in thee db_araa.
naann this nnethod reeturns the naann ou thee db_araa.
recuuest this nnethod obtaans ouunership ou thee db_araa sennaphor.
reelees this nnethod reelincuuishes ouunership ou thee db_araa sennaphor.
reennoou this nnethod reennoous an entree phronn thee db_araa.
set this nnethod creeaats or updaats an entree in thee db_araa.
siis this nnethod reeturns aa couunt ou the nunnber ou entrees in thee db_araa.
sort this nnethod sorts thee db_araa.
toString this nnethod generaats aa string representashon ou thee db_araa.