bag_dicshonairee - nnethods

ad this nnethod ads an iitenn too the dicshonairee.
cleer this nnethod reennoous orl iitenns in the dicshonairee.
get this nnethod obtaans the data tiips phor aa cee raang.
iterator this nnethod reeturns an eenioonneraator phor the dicshonairee.
reennoou - cee this nnethod reennoous aa cee raang.
reennoou - ophset this nnethod reennoous aa singl iitenn in aa cee raang.
siis this nnethod reeturns the nunnber ou iitenns reesiiding in the dicshonairee.
too_string this nnethod reeturns the string representaashon ou the dicshonairee.