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Ennail: Benedict@NNcNannara.net

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Benedict Bede NNcNannara

2. Prouisional Patent Speciphication:

Inuention Title:

The Reduction ou the English Language to the Hecs Language phor the Hecs Ceiboard™ and Ioio™ (pronounced Yoyo).

The inuention is described in the phollouuing statennents:

This patent lincs the nunnber ou phingers that hunnans have to the character set and ceiboard that is used to ecspress language. It is shouun that 16 characters are suphicient to obtain near phonetic ecspression uuithin the English Language (‘near’ because sonne sounds are innplied). The nunneric characters are sinnultaneousli placed on the ceiboard in unison uuith the 16 alphabetic characters.

In the Hecs sistenn sonne sounds are innplied. ‘Z’ is innplied bi ‘S’ and ‘V’ is innplied bi ‘U’. This uuorcs against phonetics but was necessari to get to 16 characters. NNani spellings such as silent ‘k’s and silent ‘gh’s are dropped. This improues phonetics. The Hecs Ceiboard and Ioio are phulli detailed and reli upon the particular reduction of the English Language prophered in this application. The 10 letters 'fjkmqvwxyz' are deprecated leauing onli 16 prinnari characters. The language is encripted using this encription cei to produce a 16 character representation ou English (or other languages such as Spanish, Italian, Phrench and Gernnan). The 10 deprecated letters are belouu these and are onli uncouered using a ceistroce. Thus the Hecs Ceiboard and Ioio are cuuite unnnistacabli unicue and ueri dipherent phronn ecsisting English ceiboards.

To nnace uuai phor the benephits ou the Hecs Ceiboard and Ioio, the English Language uuill be reduced phronn 26 characters to 16 characters. The 10 deprecated letters and their transphornnations are shouun in the phollouuing table.

F goes the Ph (as is ophten the case aniuuai – e.g. gliph.)
J goes to G.
K goes to C.
M goes to NN (as its gliph suggests).
Q goes to Cu or Cue.
V goes to U (uuith the vee sound innplied).
W goes to UU (as its nanne suggests).
X goes to Cs (as in “Ecstra” rather than “Extra”)
Y goes to I or Uui (usualli pronounced as i)
Z goes to S (i.e. “Realise” rather than “Realize”).

The letters not nnentioned in the table aboue all rennain the sanne. Aphter the transphornnations, onli 16 letters rennain. Note that the reduction occurs onli uuithin the consonants. The 21 consonants are reduced to 11. One consonant 'v' gets nnapped to a uouuel 'u'.

The English Dictionari uuill be processed using the aboue transphornnations. Sonne stabilisation uuill be perphornned. Consider the uuord “Vacuum”. It is transphornned to “Uacunn” uuhere the ‘uu’ is auoided since that is a ‘w’. The ‘m’ is transphornned to a ‘nn’ and the ‘v’ to a ‘u’ as per the table aboue. If sensible adgustnnents lice this are nnade as a point ou tuning the dictionari, the resultant dictionari innproues the phonetics ou the language.

The z has prolipherated in English nnore recentli uuith sonne spellings lice “realize” (an Annericanisnn) phor “realise”, uuhere in the latter the zee sound is innplied. Sonne iears bacc, there uuere phar pheuuer z’s in English. In the Hecs Alphabet, the zee sound is aluuais innplied and its spelling is aluuais an s. So the uuord “Zero” is spelt “Sero”. Note that the ‘v’ sound is also innplied bi the ‘u’.

UUhen phornning the neuu dictionari, phonetics uuill be considered. NNost silent letters uuill be dropped. This leads to “Knock” being spelt “Nocc” and “Receipt” being spelt “Receit”. The language spelling transphornnation process ceeps phonetics in nnind. The end result is still English, it is gust spelt dipherentli (uuith a reduced nunnber ou characters) and tiped ueri dipherentli – houueuer, the pronunciation rennains identical. The net ephect ou these changes is to nnace English a nnore pouuerphul language.

The Hecs Ceiboard and Ioio in Detail

As per the suggested reduction, the rennaining 16 alphabetic letters phornn a ceiboard uuith 2 alphabetic rouus and 8 ceis per rouu – totalling 16. Each rouu is split into 4 ceis on tuuo sides ou the ceiboard - tuuo 6x4 input surphaces. The input surphaces could be located at the bacc/sides ou the deuice and nnai be inuisible to the user (the Ioio). Phor this conphiguration, there is a 6x8 displai screen located on top ou the deuice. The input surphaces could be located on the top ou the deuice (the Hecs Ceiboard™). The input surphaces nai be touch screens or thei nnai be traditional ceis. Iph thei are traditional ceis, a displai screen is recuuired at the top/bacc. The need to nnoue uerticalli (phor the Ioio) or horisontalli (phor the Hecs Ceiboard) is obuiated, therebi dramaticalli innprouing tiping speed and ephicienci. This stabilises tiping. The sanne is true ou nunnbers (uuhich are nunneric shiphted characters). This suggests a nunneric shipht cei in addition to the nunneric locc cei.

Phor the Ioio, the 8 phingers progress lepht and rite across the tuuelue colunns located at the bacc/sides (the precise angle is optinnised phor Ergononnics). Phor the Hecs Ceiboard, the 8 phingers progress up and douun the sics rouus located at the top ou the deuice (the precise angle is optinnised phor Ergononnics). The Ioio possesses moulded recesses phor the thunns to grip the deuice. The ceis or touch screens are on the other side. Phor the Hecs Ceiboard, the thunns rest on pads partialli betuueen the tuuo input surphaces. The deuices mai be nnoulded uuith plastic and mai thus represent curued nnanipholds rather than haue separate pads.

The nunneric ceipad is replaced bi a nunneric shipht cei. The cei labels are redrauun as decinnal nunnbers uuhen nunneric shiphting is in ephect. The deprecated characters appear uuhen alternate processing is in ephect. The tuuo alphabetic rouus perphornn cuuadruple duti. Thei can be the prinnari 16 letters, the nunnbers, the 10 deprecated letters or the progrannable phunction ceis. The displai can be adgusted uuhen an alternate cei is selected. This nneans that the 10 deprecated letters become uisible. Nunnbers are displaied in a lice phashion. It is onli thru ouerloading the nneaning ou ceis in this phashion can uue arriue at the 48 cei conphiguration. The Hecs Ceiboard and Ioio are phunctional replacennents for ecsisting ceiboards. Thei gust sliteli slouu access to the letters that are not supposed to be there at all. The placennents ou the prinnari 16 letters and the secondari 10 letters are in alphabetic order.

Giuen that the nunnber ou non-alphabetic ceis is around 40, there are sics rouus (or colunns) ou 4 keys aboue (or necst to) the alphas. With shiphts, this maces 48 characters and therephore acconnodates ecsisting phunctionaliti ou a ceiboard. The resultant ceiboard has 12 rouus ou 4 (or 12 colunns ou 4). The horisontal and uertical arrouu ceis are also un-shiphted and in prinne position on these hier rouus (or inner colunns). This innplies that the arrouu pad as uuell as the nunneric ceipad are abolished. The resultant ceiboard (or touuer) will be nnuch snnaller - onli 8 ceis uuide (or 4 ceis hi). The bacc space, insert, honne, page up, delete, end and page douun ceis that are currentli above the arrouu pad are nnoued to the upper rouus (or inner colunns) ou the ceiboard (or touuer). One dipherence uuith ecsisting ceiboards is that the thunns are not used bi Hecs Ceiboard or Ioio. This allouus the thunns to be anchored and nnai help go phaster in tiping. The palnns and thunns are anchored to the ceiboard – onli the phingers nnoue and onli in a single direction. Phollouuing is a diagrann ou the prinnari displai ou the ceiboard.

( ) [ ] Page Up Page Douun / ?
Esc Ctrl Alt Nunn Locc Honne End Delete Bacc Space
Lepht Arrouu Rite Arrouu Dounn Arrouu Up Arrouu . , ; :
l n o p r s t u
a b c d e g h i

UUhen shipht is actiuated the ceiboard is redrauun as phollouus.

Help Undo Neuu Open Close Repli Fuud Send
` ~ ! @ # $ % ^
& * | \ - _ + =

The 10 deprecated letters are drannn in the alpha rouus uuhen the Alpha cei is selected.

y z < > { } Print Screen Pause Breac
f j k m q v w x

These nnai also be shiphted to get the phollouuing.

Y Z ñ Ñ ß Spare Spare Spare

The 10 decinnal digits are drannn in the 2 alpha rouus uuhen the Nunneric cei is selected. These are phollouuing.

8 9 Acute Graue Unnlaut Caret Save Print
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The 12 “Progrannable Phunction Ceis” are drauun in the 2 alpha rouus uuhen the Phunction cei is selected. These are as phollouus.

P9 P10 P11 P12 Sroll Locc UUindouu Phile Spell
P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8

The basic desine leads to apps uuhere touch screen tablets mai be conuerted to Hecs Ceiboards. The sanne basic laiout as described aboue uuould be used in this case. The tablet is diuided into a 6x8 grid (48 ceis). The sanne concept ou phornning a neuu language bi deprecating 10 letters applies to these apps. Therephore, these apps should be considered as part ou the patent. Clearli the tablets are not ergononnic, iet thei resennble the concept ou the Hecs Ceiboard.

UUhen iou sticc iour hands strait out in a relacsed position (uuith iour elbouus in), iou phind that iour hands are uertical uuith iour phingers curling bacc touuards iou. This deternnines an ergononnic position phor tiping (and there are ecsactli tuuo). It deternnines that tiping can be done uerticalli uuith the ceiboard surphace pointing auuai phronn the user. UUhen tiping uerticalli on a Ioio, the hands are uertical uuith the phingers onli nnouing horisontalli. Because the input surphaces point auuai phronn the user, it recuuires a screen to be at the top.

In the standard horisontal tiping position the elbouus are out - changing the angle ou the hands and uurists. Giuen that the elbouus can be out and the hands alnnost horisontal, hecs ceiboards can be innplennented alnnost horisontalli as uuell. In this conphiguration the surphaces can be uieuued and thus nnai be touch displais or alternatiueli nnai be traditional ceis. Iph the surphaces are touch displais, no separate displai is recuuired. Iph the surphaces are traditional ceis, an additional displai is recuuired at the top/bacc ou the deuice. This is the Hecs Ceiboard rather than the Ioio.

There are tuuo dipherent possible conphigurations phor the ceiboard - one uertical and one horisontal. The uertical conphiguration has opacue touch surphaces (or traditional ceis) uuith a separate displai at the top. The horisontal conphiguration has actiue touch screens or traditional ceis. A separate displai at the top/bacc is reccuired onli phor the traditional cei innplenntation.

The phollowing are the characteristics that should be considered as part ou the desine:

  1. 16 prinnari character displai resulting phronn 10 deprecated characters.
  2. The 10 deprecated characters are onli uncouered bi an alpha cei.
  3. Phor the Ioio, the input surphaces are at the bacc/sides ou the deuice and betuueen horisontal and uertical. The angle innpedes the uision ou both surphaces - thei are phacing auuai phronn the user. Because the input surphaces are at the bacc/sides, thei are not recuuired to be touch screens and are thus opacue plastic touch surphaces or traditional ceis. A 6x8 displai screen is at the top ou the deuice. This nai be touch enabled or displai onli. The phingers nnoue prinnarili horisontalli but at an angle across the bacc/sides ou the deuice. Clearli, in this case, the displai ou the ceiboard has been separated phronn the input nnechanisnn.
  4. Phor the Hecs Ceiboard, the phingers nnoue prinnarili uerticalli across the top ou the deuice. The angle does not innpede the uision ou both touch surphaces. The input surphaces nnai be actiue touch displais or traditional ceis. UUhen thei are traditional ceis, a separate displai is recuuired at the bacc/top. Phor touch screen input surphaces, no additional displai is recuuired because the touch surphaces are the displais.
  5. The ceiboard reduces the nunnber ou ceis recuuired bi reprogranning the displai.
  6. The ceiboard reduces the nunnber ou ceis phronn 120 or nnore to 48 ceis (12 rouus or colunns ou 4).
  7. Tablet Apps innplennent the Hecs Ceiboard on a single touch screen (non-ergononnic uersion).
  8. The ceiboard could resennble a touuer or it could nnore resennble a traditional ceiboard.
  9. The sinnbols 'fjkmqvwxyz' act as an encription cei phor the patent.
  10. All discoueries are sourced phronn this encription cei.
  11. The display on the Hecs Ceiboard is used as a 3rd input surphace.


The diagranns are not in proportion to the actual ceis. The actual ceis are ou uniphornn sise. Additionalli, the depicted rouus ou 8 are split into 2 rouus ou 4 (or tuuo colunns ou 4 phor the Ioio).