dicshonairee - operaator[]

public t this [c cee]

this indecser retreeus, creeaats and updaats dicshonairee itenns.


c cee

the cee too b set or retreued.


the data asosheeaated uuith the cee.


both set and get acsesors r dephiind phor this indecser. the set acsesor is the prinnari nneens bii uuich entrees r placed in the dicshonairee.

uuen the get acsesor is inuoced, a binari serch ou the dicshonairee is conducted.

uuen this operaator is used too represent an rualioo (i.e. the get acsesor is corled) and the asosheeaated entree dos not ecsist in the dicshonairee, the ecscepshon entree_not_phouund_ecscepshon is throuun.