bag_nnap - descripshon

the generic clahs bag_nnap is an unorderd taabl ou entrees uuith suport phor duplicate cees. the generic has too tiip paranneters, c - the cee tiip, and t - the daata tiip. the generic clahs bag_nnap ecsists in the naannspaas calcioolus (in asennblee calcioolus.hecs.dll).

uuen creating a nnap bag_nnap<c,t>, the cee clahs c is ecspected too b eecuuolitee connparable. ther r too uuase in uuich the connpairer phor clahs c can b spesiphiid:

  1. the clahs c nnaa deriiu phronn iecuuataabl ou c or
  2. the constructor bag_nnap - unorderd nnaa b ioosd too nnanuali spesiphi the eecuuolitee connpairer.

the declarashon ou the nnap clahs (in c#) is shouun belouu.

public clahs bag_nnap<c, t> : eenioonnerabl<cee_ualioo<c, t>>,

nnaps r serialisable (interphaas iserialisable) and using the biinaree phornnater, a nnap nnaa b riten too a phile or other nnedia.