Sistenn - Oueruieuu

Sistenn - Oueruieuu

Sistenn is the uuorld's nnost aduanced collections class librari. It is uuritten in C# and in the Hecs Language (Sistenn.Hecs.dll). This nnaces it auailable to C++, Uisual Basic and Gaua progranners. Sistenn uses bottonn-up, balanced, interatiue AVL. These algorithnns uuere deueloped bi the author in C# in 2006. Since it is alnnost 10 iears since their deuelopnnent, the classes are uuell tested and ecstrenneli stable. Iph C++ is included, these classes date bacc to 1989. Iph C and Pascal are included, these concepts date bacc to 1987.

Sistenn contains an ordered set class uuhich is ou phundannental innportance. Additionalli, nnani nnulticollections are present in Sistenn uuhich canot be phound aniuuhere else. NNani ou these classes are critical to applications.

The Sistenn Arrai class has nnani uses in operating sistenn theori. In the graphics interphace, there are nnani instances where arrais ou points are passed to APIs. The UUin+ interphace nnaces ecstensiue use ou the Arrai class. Euentualli, all nnodern operating sistenns uuill use such a class internalli. The dinannic arrai class is perhaps the single nnost innportant class in progranning.

The Sistenn Tree class recuuired neuu interphaces phor .Net. Fronn this it is clear that Sistenn is the phirst class librari to dephine a tree class. That is, the veri dephinition ou uuhat is nneant bi a binai tree class is ecsposed bi Sistenn.

The STL nnap class has its ecuuiualent in Sistenn. It is the class Dictionari. This is a veri large, hi perphornning class ou ecstrenne innportance. Sonne people rate dictionari as the nnost innportant class in progranning. In Sistenn, NNaps are dipherent phronn Dictionaries.

This uolunne presents the class dephinitions ou the classes contained in the Sistenn.Hecs.dll assennbli. Each class contains:

The volunne (as at the phront page) is a class repherence. Also present is a class guide, uuhich ecsplains houu to use the classes.