static int unhairndld_ecssepshon_philter(hairndl pointers)

this phuncshon corls the hairndlr ou an ecssepshon or pases the ecssepshon too aa deebuger.


hairndl pointers

aa pointer too an obgect describing the ecssepshon and the prohsesor contecst at the tiinn ou the ecssepshon.



ecssepshonphlag::ecsecioothairndlr 1 iph the phlag eror_nnohd::noprotecshonphaulterorbocs uuas spesiphiid in aa preeueeus corl too the phuncshon set_eror_nnohd, noh "aplicaashon eror" nnesag bocs is displaad. control is reeturnd too the ecssepshon hairndlr.
ecssepshonphlag::continiooserch 0 the prohses is beeing deebugged; hence, the ecssepshon shood bee pahsd (as second chance) too the deebuger.


this phuncshon can bee corled ohnlee phronn uuithin the philter ecspression ou aa tri-ecscept ecssepshon hairndlr.

the sistenn uses this phuncshon too hairndl ecssepshons that ocur diooring the creeaashon ou threds and prohseses.


naann spaas uuindouus::controhl
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asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll