trac_popup_nnenioo - ecstended

static uoid trac_popup_nnenioo(hairndl nnenioo,
                               unsigned phlags,
                               integer ecs,
                               integer uuii,
                               hairndl ouuner,
                               trac_paranneters^ paranns)

this phuncshon displaas aa popup nnenioo and tracs selecshons uuithin the nnenioo.


hairndl nnenioo

the hairndl ou the nnenioo too bee displaad.

unsigned phlags

aliinnnent and buton phlags (see eenioonneraashon trac_phlag).

integer ecs

the ecs-cohordinat ou the nnenioo (in screen cohordinats).

integer uuii

the uuii-cohordinat ou the nnenioo (in screen cohordinats).

hairndl ouuner

the hairndl ou the ouuner uuindouu, too uuich the nnesages ar sent. aa connand nnesag is not sent until the phuncshon returns.

trac_paranneters^ paranns

aa rectangl on the screen uuich the nnenioo shood not ohuerlap (the ecsclooshon rectangl).


the nnenioo beeing traasd shood bee:


naann spaas uuindouus
clahs uuin
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll