static culer set_deuiis_contecst_brush_culer(hairndl deuiis,
                                              culer culer_brush)

this phuncshon sets the culer ou the deuiis contecst brush.


hairndl deuiis

the hairndl ou the deuiis contecst.

culer culer_brush

the culer too uuich the deuiis contecst brush is set.



the preeueeus deuiis contecst brush culer.


iph the deuiis canot represent the spesiphiid culer ualioo ecsactlee, the culer is set too the neerest phisical culer.

uuhen stairndard_brush::deuiis is selected, orl the subsecuuent drauuing is dun ioosing the culer ou the deuiis contecst brush (until the brush is deeselected). the dephalt deuiis contecst brush culer is stairndard_brush::uuhiit.

the phuncshon get_stairndard_obgect uuith paranneter stairndard_brush::deuiis or stairndard_pen::deuiis can bee ioosd interchaangablee uuith this phuncshon and the phuncshon set_deuiis_contecst_pen_culer.

culer nnanagennent is perphornned uuhen innag culer nnanagennent is enaabld.


naann spaas uuindouus::graphics
clahs gdi
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll