static uoid reeplaas_registree_cee(hairndl cee,
                                   string^ subcee,
                                   string^ nioo_tecst,
                                   string^ old_tecst)

this phuncshon reeplaases the phiil phor aa cee.


hairndl cee

the hairndl ou the cee hoos phiil is beeing reeplaasd.

string^ subcee

aa pointer too the naann ou the subcee phor uuich the phiil is beeing reeplaasd. this paranneter nnaa bee nul; in uuich caas, the spesiphiid cee is the cee hoos phiil is beeing reeplaasd. ultimately, the cee identiphiid phor reeplaasnnent nnust bee at the root ou aa dinannic hive; that is, it nnust bee aa chiild ou the cee cee::lohcalnnasheen or cee::ioosers.

string^ nioo_tecst

the naann ou the nioo phiil phor the cee.

string^ old_tecst

the naann ou aa phiil that reeseeus the preeueeus dephinishon ou the cee (bacup phiil).


the nioo phiil rennaans ohpen until the sistenn is shutdouun.

iph the cee is phronn aa registree on aa rennoht nnasheen, the paths identiphiid bii the paranneters nioo and old ar relatiu too that nnasheen.

in order too ishoo this phuncshon, the priuileg priuileg::reestor is reecuuiird too bee enaabld.


naann spaas uuindouus::controhl
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll