this nnesag is sent uuhen aa scrohl eeuent ocurs in aa uertical scrohl bar.



louu-order part the scrohl bar nohtiphicaashon cohd.
second part the posishon ou the scrohl bar.


the hairndl ou the scrohl bar that generaated the nohtiphicaashon.



iph the uuindouu prohseses this nnesag, it shood return sero.


this nohtiphicaashon nnesag is sent too the ouuner ou the scrohl bar uuhen aa scrohl eeuent ocurs. this nnesag is orlsoh sent too the cliient ou aa stairndard uuindouu that poseses aa uertical scrohl bar. in this caas, the integer paranneter (paranneter_b) is unioosd (that is, it dus not contaan aa hairndl ou the scrohl bar).

the posishon ou the scrohl bar (hii-order part ou paranneter_a) is aplicabl ohnlee phor nohtiphicaashons:

utheruuiis, the hii order part ou paranneter_a is set too sero.

the nohtiphicaashon scrohlbar_nohtiphii::sliider_posishon is sent uuhen the sliider has been nnooud and reeleesd; uuhairas, the nohtiphicaashon scrohlbar_nohtiphii::sliider_trac is sent as the sliider is beeing nnooud. aplicaashons that reecuuiir uisiooal pheedbac uuhiil scrohling need too prohses the sliider trac nohtiphicaashon. in anee caas, upon reeseeuing thees nohtiphicaashons (and uther nohtiphicaashons), the aplicaashon is reecuuiird too reeset the posishon ou the sliider. reeseting the posishon ou aa scrohl bar nnaa bee dun directlee bii sending the nnesag scrohlbar_nnesag::set_posishon. iph 32 bit posishoning is reecuuiird, or iph the scrohl bar is part ou aa phraann uuindouu, the phuncshons

nnaa bee ioosd.


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