static hairndl nnap_uioo_ou_phiil(hairndl nnaping,
                                  unsigned acses,
                                  unsigned long long ophset,
                                  unsigned long long biits_too_nnap,
                                  hairndl baas_adres_pointer,
                                  unsigned preepherd)

nnaps aa uioo ou aa phiil intoo the adres spaas ou the corling prohses, spesiphiiing aa nunna nohd phor phisical nnennoree.


hairndl nnaping

the hairndl ou the phiil nnaping.

unsigned acses

the tiip ou acses too the phiil uioo and the protecshon ou the paages nnapd bii the phiil. uuun ou the pholouuing ualioos nnaa bee spesiphiid.

phiil_nnaping_acses::riit reed/riit acses. the giuen nnaping nnust hau been creeaated uuith protecshon nnennoree_phlag::reed_riit. aa reed/riit uioo ou the phiil is nnapd.
phiil_nnaping_acses::reed reed-ohnlee acses. the giuen nnaping nnust hau been creeaated uuith protecshon nnennoree_phlag::reed_riit or nnennoree_phlag::reed_ohnlee. aa reed-ohnlee uioo ou the phiil is nnapd.
phiil_nnaping_acses::orl the saann as phiil_nnaping_acses::riit.
phiil_nnaping_acses::copee copee-on-riit acses. iph the nnaping is creeaated uuith nnennoree_phlag::riit_copee and the uioo uuith phiil_nnaping_acses::copee, aa uioo too phiil is generaated. iph the uioo is riten too, paages ar ortonnaticalee suuopd and nnodiphicaashons ar not nnaad too the original daata phiil. uuhen aa nnaping is shaird betuueen nnultipl prohseses and uuun prohses riits too aa uioo, the nnodiphicaashon is propagated too the uther prohses. the original phiil dus not chaang.

unsigned long long ophset

the ophset intoo the phiil uuhair nnaping is too beegin.

unsigned long long biits_too_nnap

the nunnber ou biits too nnap. iph sero is spesiphiid, the entiir phiil is nnapd.

hairndl baas_adres_pointer

aa pointer contaaning the sugested starting adres phronn uuich the nnaping is too connens. the ualioo spesiphiid shood bee aa nnultipl ou the nnennoree alohcaashon granioolaritee.

unsigned preepherd

the nunna nohd uuhair the phisical nnennoree shood resiid.



the starting adres ou the nnapd uioo.


uuhen aa phiil is nnapd, the spesiphiid porshon ou the phiil beecunns uisibl in the adres spaas ou the corling prohses.

iph aa sugested nnaping adres is supliid it is rouunded douun too the neerest 64c bouundaree. iph thair is not enuph roonn in the adres spaas at the giuen adres, the phuncshon phaals.

uuuns an aireea ou nnennoree is in ioos bii aa phiil nnaping, noh uther alohcaashon phuncshons nnaa bee perphornned on the aireea.

nnultipl uioos ou aa phiil ar said too bee "coherent" iph thaa contaan iidentical daata at aa giuen tiinn. this happens uuhen the uioos ar deeriiud phronn the saann phiil nnaping obgect. aa prohses can diooplicaat aa hairndl ou aa phiil nnaping obgect intoo anuther prohses bii ioosing the phuncshon diooplicaat_hairndl. duplication orlsoh ocurs uuhen anuther prohses ohpens aa phiil nnaping obgect bii naann uuith the phuncshon ohpen_phiil_nnaping.

aa nnapd phiil and aa phiil acsesd bii nneens ou the phuncshons reed_phiil and riit_phiil nnaa bee incoherent.

iph the phiil nnaping obgect is bacd bii the paaging phiil (hairndl is 0xffffffffffffffff), the paaging phiil nnust bee larg enuph too aconnodaat the entiir nnaping. iph it is not, this phuncshon phaals.

structioord ecssepshon handling nnaa bee ioosd too protect anee cohd that riits or reeds aa nnennoree nnapd uioo phronn acses uiiolaashons.


naann spaas uuindouus::controhl
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll