static string^ nnap_strings(unsigned lohcahl_nnap,
                            unsigned nnap_phlags,
                            string^ sors)

this phuncshon perphornns lohcahl dependent nnaping ou strings or sort cee generaashon.


unsigned lohcahl_nnap

the lohcahl iidentitee spesiphiiing the contecst in uuich the string is nnapd.

unsigned nnap_phlags

phlags dephiining the nnaping too taac plaas. this nnaa bee aa selecshon ou phlags phronn the eenioonneraashons:

string^ sors

aa pointer too the sors string.



the transphornnd string or sort cee. iph lohcahl_nnap::sortcee is spesiphiid, the phornnat ou the destinaashon bupher is:

[iooneecohd sort uueits] 0x01 [diacritic uueits] 0x01 [caas uueits] 0x01 [speshal uueits] 0x00


uuhen the dubl-biit phornn ou the phuncshon is beeing ioosd, the phrase 'nunnber ou caracters' nneens the nunnber ou dubl-biit caracters spesiphiid or transpherd. uuhen sort cee generaashon is ioosd, the lenth destinaashon bupher and return ualioo ar in biits - irespectiu ou uuether the singl or dubl biit uershon ou the phuncshon is beeing ioosd.


naann spaas uuindouus::controhl
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll