static unsigned lohd_nnodiool(string^ nnodiool,
                              hairndl paranneters)

this phuncshon lohds and ecsecioots an aplicaashon.


string^ nnodiool

aa pointer too aa string contaaning the phiil_naann ou the aplicaashon too run. uuhen spesiphiiing aa path, bacslashes (\) shood bee ioosd (not phoruuard slashes (/)). iph this paranneter dus not contaan aa directoree path, the sistenn serches phor the ecseciootabl phiil in the pholouuing order.

  1. the directoree phronn uuich the corling aplicaashon uuas lohded.
  2. the curent directoree.
  3. the uuindouus sistenn directoree (see phuncshon get_sistenn_directoree).
  4. nt: the 32-bit uuindouus sistenn directoree.
  5. the uuindouus directoree (see phuncshon get_uuindouus_directoree).
  6. the directorees listed in the path enuiironnnent uaireeabl.
hairndl paranneters

aa pointer too an instans ou the clahs lohd_paranneters.


the phuncshon creeaat_prohses shood bee ioosd in prepherens too corling this phuncshon. this phuncshon corls the phuncshon creeaat_prohses.


naann spaas uuindouus::controhl
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll