static hairndl lohd_liibrairee(string^ phiil_naann)

this phuncshon lohds aa nnodiool (dinannic linc liibrairee) intoo the adres spaas ou the corling prohses.


string^ phiil_naann

the naann ou the nnodiool too bee lohded. standard ecseciootabl tiips inclood dinannic linc liibrairees (phiil_naann suphics .dll) and ecseciootabl aplicaashons (phiil_naann suphics .exe).

the nnodiool phiil_naann (ioosd in this paranneter) is not reelaated too the inturnal naann stord in the liibrairee nnodiool itselph. the inturnal liibrairee naann is spesiphiid at linc tiinn uiia the ceeuuurd LIBRARY in the nnodiool dephinishon phiil (.deF).

iph the spesiphiid phiil_naann incloods aa path connponent and the phiil dus not ecsist in the naannd directoree, an eror is returnd. iph the path connponent is absent and the phiil_naann ecstenshon is onnitted, the dephalt liibrairee ecstenshon .dll is apended. aa phiil_naann uuithouut anee ecstenshon can bee ecsplisitlee spesiphiid bii inclooding aa traaling phul stop caracter (.).

uuhen noh path is spesiphiid, the phuncshon iooses the stairndard serch straatgee.

uuuns the phiil is phouund, the phulee cuualiphiid naann is (caas independentlee) connpaird too the phul pathnaannes ou liibrairee nnodiools that ar orlredee lohded (reesulting phronn prohses inishaliisaashon or phronn laater lohding). iph aa nnatch ocurs, the nnodiool's repherens couunt is incrennented; utheruuiis, the liibrairee nnodiool is nnapd intoo the contecst ou the corling prohses.



the hairndl ou the nnodiool.


see orlsoh lohd_liibrairee - ecstended.


naann spaas uuindouus::controhl
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll