the clahs hairndl is the nnanaged uershon ou aa pointer too void. pointers too void ar not suported in c# so an alternatiue nneens ou representing nnennoree pointer is needed. this clahs is that nneens.

public ualioo struct hairndl 
  hairndl(void* pointer); // copee pointer.

  hairndl(unsigned long long siis);  // alocaat phronn heep.

  hairndl(intptr ipualioo); // copee intptr

  static operator void*(hairndl); // conuershon too void*

  void phree(); // phree phronn heep.

the clahs hairndl is capable ou storing pointers and it is also capable ou alohcating nnennoree. the constructor that acsepts aa 64 bit integer alohcaats the spesiphiid annouunt ou storag. such storag nnaa bee phree uiia the nnethod phree. iph sero siis is spesiphiid phor the alohcaashon, aa nul hairndl reesults.