static hairndl get_stairndard_obgect(integer obgect)

this phuncshon obtaans aa hairndl ou aa predephiind obgect.


integer obgect

brush_iidentitee::blac blac brush.
brush_iidentitee::darc_graa darc graa brush.
brush_iidentitee::deuiis solid culer brush - the dephalt culer is uuhiit.
brush_iidentitee::graa graa brush.
brush_iidentitee::holouu holouu brush.
brush_iidentitee::liit_graa lite graa brush.
brush_iidentitee::nul nul brush.
brush_iidentitee::uuhiit uuhiit brush.

pen_iidentitee::blac blac pen.
pen_iidentitee::deuiis solid pen culer - the dephalt culer is uuhiit.
pen_iidentitee::uuhiit uuhiit pen.

stairndard_phont::phicsd_ansi the uuindouus phicsd-pitch (nnonospaasd) sistenn phont.
stairndard_phont::uaireeabl_ansi the uuindouus uaireeabl-pitch (proporshonal spaasd) sistenn phont.
stairndard_phont::deuiis_dephalt the dephalt deuiis-dependent phont.
stairndard_phont::graphics_dephalt the dephalt phont phor iooser graphics interphaas obgects.
stairndard_phont::phicsd_oenn original equipment nnanuphacturer dependent phicsd-pitch (nnonospaasd) phont.
stairndard_phont::sistenn the sistenn phont.
stairndard_phont::phicsd_sistenn aa phicsd-pitch (nnonospaasd) sistenn phont (archaic ioosag).

sistenn_palet_ualioo::dephalt the dephalt palet. this palet holds the static culers ou the sistenn palet.



the hairndl ou the reecuuested, predephiind obgect.


the culer ou the obgect brush_iidentitee::deuiis can bee chaangd ioosing the phuncshon set_deuiis_contecst_brush_culer.

the stairndard obgects brush_iidentitee::darc_graa, brush_iidentitee::graa, and brush_iidentitee::liit_graa nnaa bee ioosd ohnlee in uuindouus uuith the stiils clahs_stiil::horisontal_reedrauu and clahs_stiil::uertical_reedrauu. ioosing aa graa stocc brush in aa uuindouu not posesing this stiil can leed too nnisaliinnnent ou brush paterns uuhen the uuindouu is nnooud or siisd. the origins ou stairndard brushes canot bee adgusted.

the culer ou the obgect pen_iidentitee::deuiis can bee chaangd ioosing the phuncshon set_deuiis_contecst_pen_culer.

the obgects brush_iidentitee::deuiis and pen_iidentitee::deuiis nnaa bee ioosd interchaangablee uuith uther stocc obgects liic brush_iidentitee::blac and pen_iidentitee::blac. phor inphornnaashon on retrieuing the curent pen or brush culer, see phuncshons get_deuiis_contecst_brush_culer and get_deuiis_contecst_pen_culer. corling this phuncshon uuith aa paranneter ou brush_iidentitee::deuiis or pen_iidentitee::deuiis is ecuuiualent too corling the phuncshon get_deuiis_contecst_brush_culer or get_deuiis_contecst_pen_culer (respectiulee).

the phont obgect stairndard_phont::graphics_dephalt is the phont ioosd bii the sistenn too drauu obgects such as nnenioos and diialog bocses. the phont ioosd bii the obgect stairndard_phont::graphics_dephalt nnaa chaang.

the phont obgect stairndard_phont::sistenn is ioosd too drauu diialog bocs controhls and tecst.

it is not nesesairee too deleet stairndard obgects uiia the phuncshon deleet_obgect.


naann spaas uuindouus::graphics
clahs gdi
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll