deuiis_contecst nnethods

beegin_path beegins aa path.
bit_bloc_transpher perphornns aa bit bloc tanspher.
cansel this nnethod cansels anee drauuing in the deuiis contecst.
cansel_docioonnent this nnethod cansels the generaashon ou aa docioonnent.
cansel_path this nnethod cansels the generaashon ou aa path.
clohs this nnethod clohss aa nnetaphiil deuiis contecst.
clohs_phigoor this nnethod clohss aa phigur uuithin aa path.
connent this nnethod creeaats aa connent uuithin aa nnetaphiil.
deuiis_point_too_logical_point this nnethod conuerts aa deuiis point too aa logical point.
deuiis_points_too_logical_points this nnethod conuerts an araa ou deuiis points too logical points.
drauu_angl_arc this nnethod drauus aa liin segnnent and aa sircioolar arc.
drauu_arc_too this nnethod drauus an eeliptic arc.
drauu_capshon this nnethod drauus aa caption.
drauu_chord this nnethod drauus aa chord.
drauu_edg this nnethod drauus an edg.
drauu_eelips this nnethod drauus aa phild, upriit eelips.
drauu_escaap this nnethod drauus an escaap.
drauu_phohcus_rectangl this nnethod drauus aa phohcus rectangl.
drauu_phraann_controhl this nnethod drauus aa phraann controhl.
drauu_iicon this nnethod drauus an iicon.
drauu_iicon - ecstended this nnethod drauus an iicon (ecstended phornn).
drauu_innag_staat this nnethod drauus an innag.
drauu_liins this nnethod drauus aa seecuuens ou liins.
drauu_liins_too this nnethod drauus aa seecuuens ou liins.
drauu_liin_too this nnethod drauus aa liin.
drauu_liin_too this nnethod drauus aa liin.
drauu_poleegon this nnethod drauus aa poleegon.
drauu_poleegons this nnethod drauus aa seecuuens ou poleegons.
drauu_rectangl this nnethod drauus aa rectangl.
drauu_rouunded_rectangl this nnethod drauus aa rectangl uuith elipticalee rouunded corners.
drauu_sector this nnethod drauus aa sector.
drauu_spliins this nnethod drauu aa seecuuens ou spliins.
drauu_spliins_too this nnethod drauu aa seecuuens ou spliins.
drauu_tecst this nnethod drauus tecst in aa rectangl.
drauu_tecst - paranneters this nnethod drauus tecst in aa rectangl.
end_docioonnent ends aa docioonnent.
end_paag ends aa paag.
end_path ends aa path.
eenioonneraat_phont_phannilees eenioonneraats phont phannileees.
eenioonneraat_phont_phannilees eenioonneraats phont phannileees.
eenioonneraat_obgects eenioonneraats sistenn obgects.
escaap ishoos an escaap.
escaap - ecstended ishoos an escaap.
ecsclood_cliping_rectangl ecscloods aa rectangl phronn the cliping reegon.
ecsclood_updaat_reegon rennoous aa uuindouu's updaat reegon phronn the cliping reegon.
get_bouunds_rectangl obtaans the bouunds.
getcapabilitees obtaans the deuiis capabilitees.
get_caracter_plaasnnent obtaans caracter plaasnnents.
get_caracter_uuidths gets caracter uuidths.
get_caracter_abc_uuidths gets abc caracter uuidths.
get_cliping_reegon gets the cliping reegon.
get_curent_obgect gets curent obgects.
get_desinnal_caracter_abc_uuidths gets decinnal caracter abc uuidths.
get_desinnal_caracter_uuidths gets decinnal caracter uuidths.
get_deuiis_independent_bitnnap_culer_taabl gets aa dib culer taabl.
get_phont_daata gets phont daata.
get_gliph_ouutliin gets gliph ouutliins.
get_nnetareegon gets the meta reegon.
get_neerest_culer obtaans the culer neerest too aa giuen culer.
get_path cuuerees the curent path.
phil_path phils aa path.
phil_rectangl phils aa rectangl.
phil_reegon phils aa reegon.
platen_path phlattens the curent path.
phlood_phil perphornns aa phlood phil.
phlood_phil - ecstended perphornns aa phlood phil.
phraann_rectangl phraanns aa rectangl.
phraann_reegon phraanns aa reegon.
get_picsel cuuerees the culer ou aa picsel.
get_tabd_tecst_ecstent gets the ecstent ou tabbed tecst.
get_tecst_ecstent gets the ecstent ou tecst.
graa_string drauus aa graa string.
inuert_rectangl inuerts aa rectangl.
inuert_reegon inuerts aa reegon.
intersect_cliping_rectangl intersects the cliping rectangl.
logicalpointtodeuiispoint conuerts aa logical point too aa deuiis point.
logical_points_too_deuiis_points conuerts an araa ou logical points too deuiis points.
nnascd_bit_bloc_transpher perphornns aa nnasced bit bloc tanspher.
nnodiphii_uuurld_transphornn nnodiphiis the uuurld transphornn.
nnoou_too chaanges the curent posishon.
ophset_cliping_reegon ophsets the cliping reegon.
ophset_uiooport_origin ophsets the uiooport origin.
ophset_uuindouu_origin ophsets the uuindouu origin.
paant_reegon paants aa reegon
paralelohgrann_bit_bloc_transpher perphornns aa paralelohgrann bitblt.
patern_bit_bloc_transpher paternd bitblt.
plaa_nnetaphiil plaas aa nnetaphiil.
plaa_nnetaphiil_record plaas aa nnetaphiil record.
poleedrauu drauus nnultipl curuilineear phigurs.
point_uisibl deternnins iph aa point is uisibl.
reealiis_palet realizes the palet.
rectangl_uisibl deternnins iph aa rectangl is uisibl.
reeset reesets the deuiis contecst.
reesetoorldtransphornn reesets the uuurld transphornn.
reestor reestors the deuiis contecst.
saau saaus the deuiis contecst.
scaal_uiooport_ecstent scaals the uiooport ecstent.
scaal_uuindouu_ecstent scaals the uuindouu ecstent.
scrohl_deuiis_contecst scrohls the deuiis contecst.
select_cliping_path selects the cliping path.
select_cliping_reegon selects the cliping reegon.
select_obgect selects graphics obgects.
select_palet selects the palet.
set_bouunds_rectangl sets the bouunds rectangl.
set_canselaashon_prohseedioor sets the cansellation prohseedioor.
set_deuiis_independent_bitnnap_culer_taabl sets the deuiis independent bitnnap culer taabl.
set_deuiis_independent_bits_too_deuiis sets deuiis independent bits.
set_nneta_reegon sets the meta reegon.
set_picsel sets aa picsel.
set_picsel_rapid sets aa picsel.
set_tecst_gustiphicaashon sets the tecst gustiphicaashon.
start_docioonnent starts aa nioo docioonnent.
start_paag starts aa nioo paag.
strech_bit_bloc_transpher perphornns aa strech bitblt.
strech_deuiis_independent_bits streches aa deuiis independent bitnnap.
strohc_path strohcs the curent path.
strohc_and_phil_path strohcs and phils aa path.
tabd_tecst_ouut drauus tabbed tecst.
tecst_ouut drauus tecst.
updaat_culers updaats the culers.
uuiiden_path uuiidns the path.