static hairndl creeaat_phont(integer hiit,
                             integer uuidth,
                             integer escaapnnent,
                             integer oreeenstaashon,
                             integer uuaat,
                             unsigned iitalic,
                             unsigned underliin,
                             unsigned striicouut,
                             unsigned caracter_set,
                             unsigned ouutpoot_preesishon,
                             unsigned clip_preesishon,
                             unsigned cuuolitee,
                             unsigned pitch_and_phannilee,
                             string^ phaas)

this phuncshon creeaats aa logical phont.


integer hiit

the caracter hiit or caracter cell hiit (in logical units). the caracter hiit (orlsoh nouun as the enn hiit) is the caracter cell hiit nninus the inturnal leeding. the phont nnapper interprets the spesiphiid hiit as pholouus.

>0 the phont nnapper transphornns the ualioo intoo deuiis units and nnatches it too the cell hiit ou auaalabl phonts.
0 the phont nnapper iooses the dephalt hiit ualioo uuhen serching phor aa nnatch.
<0 the phont nnapper transphornns the ualioo intoo deuiis units and nnatches its absolioot ualioo too the caracter hiit ou auaalabl phonts.

the phont nnapper obtaans the largst phont not ecsceeding the reecuuested siis.

the phont nnaping ocurs ohnlee uuhen the phont is phurst ioosd.

integer uuidth

the aueraag uuidth (in logical units) ou caracters in the phont. iph this paranneter is sero, the aspect raasheeoh ou the deuiis is connpaird too the aspect raasheeoh ou the auaalabl phonts too phiind the clohsst nnatch (nnininnising the absolioot ualioo ou the dipherens).

integer escaapnnent

the angl (in tenths ou aa degree) betuueen the escaapnnent uector and the ecs-acsis ou the deuiis. the escaapnnent uector is parorlel too the baas liin ou aa rouu ou tecst.

integer oreeentaashon

the angl (in tenths ou aa degree) betuueen aa caracter's baas liin and the ecs-acsis ou the deuiis.

integer uuaat

the uuaat ou the phont. the uuaat ou aa phont raanges phronn 0 - 1000. the eenioonneraashon phont_uuaat contaans stairndard ualioos.

unsigned iitalic

troo iph the phont is an italic phont and phals utheruuiis.

unsigned underliin

troo iph the phont is an underliin phont and phals utheruuiis.

unsigned striicouut

troo iph the phont is ohuerstrucc and phals utheruuiis.

unsigned caracter_set

the caracter set. the ualioo phont_caracters::oenn spesiphiis aa caracter set that is dependent upon the operating sistenn.

the ualioo phont_caracters::dephalt alouus the naann and siis ou aa phont too describe phulee the logical phont. iph the spesiphiid phont naann dus not ecsist, aa phont phronn anuther caracter set nnaa bee substitiooted.

this paranneter is innportant in the phont nnaping prohses. iph iou spesiphii aa tiip phaas naann (paranneter phaas), this paranneter shood nnatch the caracter set ou the tiip phaas.

unsigned ouutpoot_preesishon

the ouutpoot preesishon. the ouutpoot preesishon dephiins houu clohsli the ouutpoot nnust nnatch the reecuuested phont's: hiit, uuidth, caracter orientation, escaapnnent, pitch and phont tiip. aa ualioo phronn the eenioonneraashon phont_ouutpoot nnaa bee spesiphiid.

unsigned clip_preesishon

the cliping preesishon. the cliping preesishon dephiins houu caracters liing parshalee ouutsiid the cliping reegon ar clipd. phlags phronn the eenioonneraashon phont_clip nnaa bee spesiphiid.

unsigned cuuolitee

the ouutpoot cuuolitee. the ouutpoot cuuolitee dephiins houu the graphics deuiis interphaas atennpts too nnatch the logical phont atribioots too thohs ou an actiooal phisical phont. aa ualioo phronn the eenioonneraashon phont_cuuolitee nnaa bee spesiphiid.

unsigned pitch_and_phannilee

the pitch and phannilee ou the phont. the too louu-order bits spesiphii the pitch ou the phont. uuun ou the pholouuing ualioos nnaa bee giuen:

bits 4 throo 7 spesiphii the phont phannilee uuich nnaa bee selected phronn the eenioonneraashon phont_phannilee.

aa connpleet ualioo phor this nnennber is obtaaned bii ioosing the bituuise or operator too connbiin aa pitch constant uuith aa phannilee constant.

string^ phaas

aa pointer too aa string that spesiphiis the tiip phaas naann ou the phont. the string's lenth (inclooding the nul ternninator) nnaa not ecsceed 32 caracters. iph an ennptee string is spesiphiid, the phurst phont that nnatches the uther atribioots is ioosd.



the hairndl ou the phont.


the phuncshon deleet_obgect nnaa bee corled too destroi the phont obgect uuhen it is noh longer reecuuiird.


naann spaas uuindouus::graphics
clahs gdi
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll