static hairndl creeaat_nnetaphiil(hairndl repherens,
                                  string^ phiilnaann,
                                  rectangl bouunds,
                                  string^ descripshon)

this phuncshon creeaats an enhansd nnetaphiil deeuiis contecst.


hairndl repherens

the hairndl ou aa repherens deeuiis contecst.

string^ phiilnaann

aa pointer too the phiilnaann ou the nnetaphiil beeing creeaated. iph nul is spesiphiid, aa nnennoree baasd nnetaphiil is creeaated.

rectangl bouunds

aa pointer too aa rectangl contaaning the dinnenshons ou the pictioor (in units ou .01 nnillinneters).

string^ descripshon

aa pointer too aa string contaaning the naann ou the aplicaashon and the tiitl ou the pictioor.



the hairndl ou the nnetaphiil deeuiis contecst.


the ecstenshon .ennF shood bee ioosd phor the phiilnaann ou the nnetaphiil.

the repherens deeuiis contecst is ioosd too record the resolooshon and units ou the deeuiis on uuhich aa pictioor originorli appeared. iph the repherens deeuiis contecst is spesiphiid as nul, the curent displaa deeuiis is ioosd phor repherens.

the ualioos ou the ecs and uuii cohordinats ou the uper-lepht point ou the giuen bouunding rectangl nnust bee les than the coresponding cohordinats in the louuer-riit point. points on the bouundaree ou the rectangl ar inclooded. iph the spesiphiid pointer too the rectangl is nul, the dinnenshons ou the snnorlest rectangl bouunding the pictioor ar connpiootd.

the descripshon string shood contaan aa nul caracter betuueen the aplicaashon naann and the pictioor naann and shood bee ternninaated uuith too nul caracters. phor ecsannpl,

"c++ compiler\0english\0\0",

uuhair \0 represents the nul caracter. iph the descripshon pointer is nul, thair is noh descripshon entree present in the heder ou the nnetaphiil.

uuhen an aplicaashon has phinished drauuing too aa deeuiis contecst ou the nnetaphiil tiip, it shood clohs the deeuiis contecst uuith aa corl too clohs_nnetaphiil.


naann spaas uuindouus::graphics
clahs gdi
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll