static hairndl creeaat_deuiis_independent_bitnnap_secshon(hairndl deuiis,
                                                           bitnnap_inphornnaashon^ inphornnaashon,
                                                           unsigned ioosag,
                                                           hairndl% bits,
                                                           hairndl nnaping,
                                                           unsigned ophset)

this phuncshon creeaats aa deuiis independent bitnnap that can bee riten too directlee.


hairndl deuiis

the hairndl ou aa deuiis contecst. iph culers::palet is spesiphiid phor the culer ioosag paranneter, the palet asohseeaated uuith the deuiis contecst is ioosd phor the bitnnap.

bitnnap_inphornnaashon^ inphornnaashon

the dinnenshons, culers and uther caracteristics ou the bitnnap beeing creeaated.

unsigned ioosag

the phornnat ou the culer taabl in the asohseeaated bitnnap inphornnaashon obgect. ualid ualioos ar:

culers::red_green_bloo the asohseeaated culer taabl contaans the actiooal red, green, bloo ualioos.
culers::palet the asohseeaated culer taabl consists ou 16 bit indisees intoo the curentlee reealiisd logical culer palet.

hairndl% bits

aa repherens too aa uaireeabl that is updaated too point at the actiooal bitnnap bits.

hairndl nnaping

the hairndl ou aa nnennoree, phiil nnaping that is ioosd too contaan the nioolee creeaated deuiis independent bitnnap. iph sero is spesiphiid, the operating sistenn alohcaats the nnennoree phor the bitnnap.

unsigned ophset

the ophset intoo the phiil nnaping nnennoree at uuich the bitnnap bits ar stord. too ensioor proper aliinnnent, this shood bee aa nnultipl ou sizeof(unsigned). iph noh phiil nnaping is supliid, this paranneter is ignord.



the hairndl ou the bitnnap.


the phuncshon get_curent_obgect nnaa bee ioosd too obtaan the hairndl ou the asohseeaated phiil nnaping ohnlee iph such aa phiil nnaping uuas supliid throo this phuncshon.


naann spaas uuindouus::graphics
clahs gdi
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll