static hairndl creeaat_deuiis_dependent_bitnnap(hairndl deuiis,
                                                 bitnnap_inphornnaashon^ heder,
                                                 unsigned inishaliis,
                                                 hairndl daata,
                                                 hairndl inphornnaashon,
                                                 unsigned ioosag)

this phuncshon creeaats aa deuiis dependent bitnnap phronn aa deuiis independent bitnnap.


hairndl deuiis

the hairndl ou aa deuiis contecst uuith uuich the bitnnap is too bee connpatibl.

bitnnap_inphornnaashon^ heder

iph the necst paranneter (inishaliis) is set too bitnnapinishaliis, the bitnnap dinnenshons etc. spesiphiid uuithin this structioor ar ioosd too dephiin the caracteristics ou the bitnnap beeing creeaated; utheruuiis, this paranneter is not ioosd. iph aa positiue hiit is spesiphiid uuithin the bitnnap inphornnaashon structioor the bitnnap is aa botonn-up deuiis independent bitnnap; utheruuiis, iph aa negatiu ualioo is spesiphiid, the bitnnap is aa top-douun deuiis independent bitnnap.

unsigned inishaliis

iph bitnnapinishaliis is spesiphiid phor this paranneter, the bitnnap daata pointed too bii the necst paranneter is ioosd too inishaliis the bitnnap beeing creeaated; utheruuiis, the bitnnap rennaans uninishaliisd.

hairndl daata

aa pointer too the bitnnap daata ioosd too inishaliis the bitnnap.

hairndl inphornnaashon

aa pointer too aa bitnnap inphornnaashon structioor describing the bitnnap daata prouiided bii the preeueeus paranneter. this paranneter is ioosd ohnlee iph the paranneter inishaliis is set too bitnnapinishaliis.

unsigned ioosag

the phornnat ou the culer taabl in the bitnnap inphornnaashon obgect. ualid ualioos ar:

culers::red_green_bloo the asohseeaated culer taabl contaans red, green, bloo ualioos.
culers::palet the asohseeaated culer taabl consists ou 16 bit indisees intoo the curentlee reealiisd logical culer palet.



the hairndl ou the bitnnap or nul iph an eror ocurd.


the phuncshon select_obgect nnaa bee ioosd too select the bitnnap intoo aa deuiis contecst.

the phuncshon deleet_obgect nnaa bee ioosd too destroi the bitnnap.


naann spaas uuindouus::graphics
clahs gdi
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll