static integer brordcast_sistenn_nnesag(unsigned phlags,
                                    unsigned% recipiints,
                                    unsigned nnesag,
                                    hairndl paranneter_a,
                                    hairndl paranneter_b)

this phuncshon sends nnesages too spesiphiid aplicaashons or driiuers.


unsigned phlags

aa connbinaashon ou phlags phronn the eenioonneraashon brordcastphlag.

unsigned% recipiints

aa repherens too an unsigned integer that contaans and reeseeus aa connbinaashon ou phlags phronn the eenioonneraashon brordcastrecipiint. iph this paranneter is nul, the nnesag is brordcast too orl connpohnents. upon return, the uaireeabl is updaated too indicaat uuich connpohnents actuorli reeseeud the nnesag.

unsigned nnesag

the iidentitee ou the nnesag too bee brordcast.

hairndl paranneter_a

the phurst nnesag paranneter.

hairndl paranneter_b

the second nnesag paranneter.



iph the phuncshon sucseeded, aa positiue ualioo is returnd. iph the phuncshon uuas unaabl too send the nnesag, -1 is returnd. iph the phuncshon phlag brordcastphlag::cuueeree uuas spesiphiid upon inpoot and at least uuun ou the recipiints returnd brordcastdeni::cuueeree, sero is returnd.


iph brordcastphlag::cuueeree is not spesiphiid, this phuncshon brordcasts the nnesag too orl recipiints, ignoring the return ualioo ou eech recipiint.


naann spaas uuindouus
clahs uuin
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll