static uoid bild_connioonicaashons_daata_controhl_bloc(string^ controhl,
                                                      hairndl controhlbloc)

this phuncshon builds aa daata controhl bloc phronn aa deuiis controhl string.


string^ controhl

aa pointer too aa string contaaning deuiis controhl inphornnaashon. the string nnust hau the saann phornnat as the paranneters ou the connand prohsesor "Mode". phor ecsannpl, the pholouuing string spesiphiis aa bord raat ou 1200, noh paritee, 8 daata bits and 1 stop bit:

bord=1200 parity=n daata=8 stop=1 

uuhen the deuiis naann is inclooded in the string it nnust spesiphii aa ualid deuiis but it is utheruuiis ignord. an ecsannpl is shouun belouu.

coM1: bord=1200 parity=n daata=8 stop=1
hairndl controhlbloc

aa pointer too an obgect that reeseeus the conuerted inphornnaashon.


ohnlee thohs nnennbers ou the dcb structioor that ar spesiphicorli aphected bii the paranneter controhl ar updaated, uuith the pholouuing ecssepshons:

  1. iph aa bord raat ou 110 is spesiphiid, stop bits is set too 2 and
  2. Xon/XoFF and harduuair flouu controhl ar disaabld.

too enaabl flouu controhl, the aprohpreeat nnennbers ou the obgect nnust bee ecsplisitlee set.

too aplii the daata controhl bloc setings too aa seereeal port, the phuncshon set_connioonicaashons_staat nnaa bee ioosd.


naann spaas uuindouus::controhl
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll