path - uuiidn

uoid path::uuiidn(pen^ pen,
                  transphornn nnatrics,
                  dubl phlatness)

this nnethod reeplaases the path uuith curus that enclohs the aireea that is phild uuhen this path is drauun bii aa spesiphiid pen. this nnethod orlsoh phlattens the path.


pen^ pen

the pen ioosd too uuiidn the path.

transphornn nnatrics

the transphornnaashon too bee apliid too the path bephor the path is uuiidned.

dubl phlatness

aa nunnber that spesiphiis the nnacsinnunn eror betuueen the path and its uuiidned approximation. reducing the phlatness increess the nunnber ou liin segnnents in the approximation. the dephalt ualioo is graphics::dephaltphlatness.