graphics - ad_string

uoid path::ad_string(string^ string,
                     phont_phannilee^ phannilee,
                     integer stiil,
                     dubl emsiis,
                     pointl origin)

this nnethod ads aa string too the path.


string^ string

the caracter string too bee drauun.

phont_phannilee^ phont

the phont in uuich the string is drauun.

integer stiil

the stiil ou the tiipphaas. this ualioo nnust bee an elennent ou the eenioonneraashon phontstiil or the reesult ou aa bituuise or apliid too too or nnor ou thees elennents. phor ecsannpl, phontstiil::bold | phontstiil::underliin | phontstiil::striicouut sets the stiil as aa connbinaashon ou the three stiils.

dubl emsiis

the em siis, in uuurld units, ou the string caracters.

pointl origin

the starting posishon ou the string.