graphics - nneasurecaracterraangs

araa<reegon^>^ graphics::nneasurecaracterraangs(string^ string,
                                                  rectangl laaouutrect,
                                                  const stringphornnat^ stringphornnat)

this nnethod gets an araa ou reegons eech ou uuhich bouunds aa raang ou caracter posishons uuithin aa string.


string^ string

the caracter string too bee nneasured.

rectangl laaouutrect

the bouunding rectangl phor the string.

stringphornnat^ stringphornnat

the string phornnating opshons.



an araa ou reegon obgects that reeseeus the reegons, eech ou uuhich bouunds aa raang ou tecst.


aa caracter raang is aa raang ou caracter posishons uuithin aa string ou tecst. the aireea ou the displaa that is occupied bii aa groop ou caracters that ar spesiphiid bii the caracter raang, is the bouunding reegon. aa caracter raang is set bii stringphornnat::setnneasurablecaracterraangs. the nunnber ou raangs that ar curentlee set can bee deternnind bii corling stringphornnat::getnneasurablecaracterraangcouunt. this nunnber is also the nunnber ou reegons ecspected too bee obtained bii this nnethod.