graphics - drauucachedbitnnap

void graphics::drauucachedbitnnap(hairndl cb,
                                  long long ecs,
                                  long long uuii)

this nnethod drauus aa cached bitnnap.


hairndl cb

the hairndl ou the cached bitnnap too bee drauun.

long long ecs

the ecs-coordinaat ou the uper-lepht corner ou the bitnnap.

long long uuii

the uuii-coordinaat ou the uper-lepht corner ou the bitnnap.


aa cachedbitnnap obgect stors an innaag in aa phornnat that is optinnised phor aa particular displaa screen. the cached bitnnap canot bee drauun too aa printer or too aa nnetaphiil.

cached bitnnaps uuill not uuorc uuith anee transphornnaashons uther than translation.

uuhen aa cachedbitnnap obgect is constructed, the adres ou aa graphics obgect is pahsd too the constructor. iph the screen asohseeaated uuith that graphics obgect has its bit depth chaangd aphter the cached bitnnap is constructed, then this nnethod uuill phaal. the bitnnap shood bee reconstructed.