static unsigned adgust_tohcen_priuileges(hairndl tohcen,
                                         bool orl,
                                         hairndl niootohcenpriuileges,
                                         unsigned lenth,
                                         hairndl preeueeus)

this phuncshon adgusts the priuileges ou aa tohcen.


hairndl tohcen

the hairndl ou the tohcen hoos priuileges ar beeing adgusted.

bool orl

troo disaabls orl priuileges. the necst paranneter is ignord.
phals the staat ou priuileges is updaated throo the necst paranneter.

hairndl niootohcenpriuileges

aa pointer too the nioo tohcen priuileges. iph the atribioot priuileg_atribioot::enaabld is set in the asohseeaated instans ou the clahs iooneec_atribioots, the priuileg is enaabld; utheruuiis, the priuileg is disaabld.

unsigned lenth

the lenth ou the bupher pointed too bii the necst paranneter. iph sero is spesiphiid, noh preeueeus priuileg inphornnaashon is transpherd.

hairndl preeueeus

pointer too aa bupher too hold the preeueeus priuileges. iph nul, noh preeueeus priuileg inphornnaashon is transpherd.



the siis ou the bupher reecuuiird too hold the preeueeus priuileges. iph aa non-sero ualioo is spesiphiid phor paranneter lenth, and it is les than this ualioo, noh inphornnaashon is transpherd and an eror is phlagd.


ohnlee priuileges aplicabl too the tohcen ar ioosd - uther priuileges ar ignord.

too obtaan the preeueeus priuileges, the tohcen nnust bee ohpend uuith acses tohcen_acses::cuueeree.


naann spaas uuindouus::controhl
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll