The following enumerators are defined within the scope of the enum VectorTextOption.

Opaque The given rectangle is filled with the current background color.
Clipped The given rectangle is used as a clipping Rectangle for the function.
GlyphIndex The given array of increments is of the form obtained via the function GetCharacterPlacement.
RightToLeft If an Arabic or Hebrew font is selected into the device context, text is rendered from right to left. The same effect can be achieved by adjusting the text alignment. This option has been retained for backward compatability.
NumbersLocal Use local digits.
NumbersLatin Use digits from a latin character set.
LanguageIgnore Ignore the currently selected language.


Both of the options VectorTextOption::GlyphIndex and VectorTextOption::RightToLeft should not be specified because the former option implies all language processing has already been preformed.