static int TabbedTextOut(Handle Device,
                         int X,
                         int Y,
                         String^ Text,
                         Array<int>^ TabPositions,
                         int TabOrigin)

This function draws tabbed text.


Handle Device

The handle of the device context.

int X

The x-coordinate of the position at which the text is drawn.

int Y

The y-coordinate of the position at which the text is drawn.

String^ Text

A pointer to the text to be drawn.

Array<int>^ TabPositions

A pointer to an array of tab positions.

int TabOrigin

The x-origin of the tabs (the starting position of the tabs).



The dimensions of the string. The height is the high-order part and the width is the low-order part of the value returned.


The text is drawn using the current background and text colors and the current font for the device context.

By default, the current position is neither used nor updated; however, if the alignment flag TextAlignment::PositionUpdate is set, the current position is used instead of the specified position - which is ignored.


Name Space IPlusPlus::Graphics
Class Gdi
Assembly IPlusPlus.WinPlus.dll