BagMap - Methods

Add This method adds an item to the map.
Clear This method removes all the items of the map.
Contains - Predicate This method determines if an item satisfying a predicate resides in a key range of the bag map.
Equals This method determines if two maps are equal.
Find This method queries the key range of a map.
GetEnumerator This method returns an enumerator for the map.
GetHashCode This method returns the hash code of the map.
GetObjectData This method is used when serializing the map.
Remove - Key This method removes items with the specified key.
Remove - Index This method removes a specific item within a key range.
Remove - Predicate This method removes items within a key range.
Select - Predicate This method searches a key range for all items that satisfy a predicate.
ToString This method generates a string representation of the map.
Update - Predicate This method updates an item that satisfies a predicate.