static int UnhandledExceptionFilter(Handle Pointers)

This function calls the handler of an exception or passes the exception to a debugger.


Handle Pointers

A pointer to an object describing the exception and the processor context at the time of the exception.



ExceptionFlag::ExecuteHandler 1 If the flag ErrorMode::NoProtectionFaultErrorBox was specified in a previous call to the function SetErrorMode, no "Application Error" message box is displayed. Control is returned to the exception handler.
ExceptionFlag::ContinueSearch 0 The process is being debugged; hence, the exception should be passed (as second chance) to the debugger.


This function can be called only from within the filter expression of a try-except exception handler.

The system uses this function to handle exceptions that occur during the creation of threads and processes.


Name Space IPlusPlus::Control
Class Base
Assembly IPlusPlus.WinPlus.dll