HashSet - Methods

add This method adds an entry to the hash set.
addAll This method adds a specified collection to the hash set.
clear This method removes all the entries of the hash set.
contains This method determines if a record is in the set.
containsAll This method determines if all elements of a collection are in the hash set.
equals This method determines if two hash sets are equal.
get This method finds a record in the set.
hashCode This method returns the hash code of the hash set.
iterator This method returns an iterator for the hash set.
readObject This method reads a hash set from a stream.
remove This method removes the entry with the specified key.
removeAll This method removes all entries in a given collection.
removeIf This method removes all entries satisfying a predicate.
retainAll This method retains all elements in a specified collection.
set This method updates an element in the set.
size This method returns the number of elements in the set.
subset This method determines when a set is a subset of another.
toString This method generates a string representation of the hash set.
writeObject This method writes a hash set to a stream.