BagDictionary - Methods

add This method adds an item to the dictionary.
add - hint This method adds an item to the dictionary with an insertion hint.
add - KeyValue This method adds a key/value pair to the dictionary.
clear This method removes all the items from the dictionary.
comparer This method gets the dictionary comparator.
containsKey This method determines if a key resides in the dictionary.
contains This method determines if an item satisfying a predicate resides in a key range of the dictionary.
equals This method determines if two dictionaries are equal.
get This method obtains the data types for a key range.
iterator This method returns an iterator for the dictionary.
keys This method returns a set of unique keys in the bag dictionary.
readObject This method reads a multidictionay from a stream.
remove - key This method removes a key range.
remove - predicate This method removes items within a key range (predicated).
select This method searches a key range for all items that satisfy a predicate.
set This method updates an item in a key range that satisfies a predicate.
size This method returns a count of the number of items in the dictionary.
size - key This method returns the number of items in a key range.
toString This method generates a string representation of the dictionary.
writeObject This method writes a bag dictionary to a stream.